Petrels night and day



Petrels night and day – a magical Sound Approach experience

The Sound Approach’s third iBook publication sees the beautifully crafted Petrels night and day transformed into their now well-recognised sleek and stylish digital format. The author Magnus Robb provides a comprehensive exploration of the petrels of Europe and North Africa

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Listen to immaculate stereo recordings of 23 species of petrel nesting on islets, islands and coasts of the North Atlantic and Mediterranean. Teach yourself how to separate them by ear with the help of the new Sound Approach eSonagram technology. As you guide yourself through the iBook you’ll be treated to a series of original Killian Mullarney plates that you can enlarge with the simple tap of the screen, really bringing Petrels night and day to life.

This book was written and illustrated by true enthusiasts so be warned: this book could be the start of a serious obsession


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