The Sound Approach to birding


The award winning, critically acclaimed first title from the Sound Approach team has been transformed into a smart interactive eBook. Optimised for iPad, this enhanced digital edition takes you on a birding journey to understanding bird sound with over 200 high-quality, mostly European bird sounds easily enjoyed with the simple tap of the screen.

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The NEW eSonagram technology allows you to visualise sounds as well as hear them at the same time, making it easy to compare. Turning a world of birdwatchers into bird listeners, The Sound Approach to birding guides both beginners and advanced alike through tone, pitch, rhythm and acoustics, as well as how to use sounds to age and sex birds. For the more experienced we expertly demonstrate how bird sounds are often the first indication of previously unrecognized new species. Experience The Sound Approach to birding in its stunning new format as it flows elegantly through anecdotes, scientific theory and practical field experience. The Sound Approach team has hit the nail on the head with their new eBook; it’s so good you won’t want to stop listening.


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