Catching the Bug


The breathtaking second digital release from The Sound Approach team now joins its predecessor The Sound Approach to Birding in the new immaculate iBook format. Reading and learning about bird sound has never been made easier as Catching the Bug introduces a précis of concerns, puzzles and conundrums set by the natural world to a group of amateur birders meeting over twenty years in a pub in Poole.

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With their NEW eSonagram technology the Sound Approach invites you to explore how tens of thousands of birds secretly migrate through the area while you listen and learn the flight calls of these migrant songbirds from original digital recordings, all with a simple tap of the screen.

Follow their ideas and concepts as they investigate the idea of the Dartford Warbler being Britain’s first endemic bird species along with differences between Atlantic and Continental Great Cormorants, and the role of sound in Common Cuckoo conservation.

Catching the Bug is a thorough, jam-packed must have for any birdwatcher, presented with some of the best sounds and descriptions ever produced!


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