Petrels Night and Day Wins Birdwatch Award!

This second book from The Sound Approach was nominated for Bird Book of the Year 2008 by Birdwatch Magazine. We’re now pleased to announce that we won!

Thanks to all involved at Birdwatch!

Birdwatch, February 2009

“Unique subject matter that informs and entertains. A writing style that captivates readers and holds their interest. Product values that exceed expectations, presenting material in an original and refreshing format. Images that bring the subject matter to life.

Any one of these criteria would help to mark out a new book as a little different from the norm. Two or three of them might indicate something really special. But if all the boxes – and more – have been ticked, then you know you are onto a winner.

One book stands above almost all others when it comes to assessing last year’s releases in ornithological publishing, Petrels Night and Day is the complete package, delving deep into a fascinating subject area rarely disturbed except by a few dedicated academics.

The book explores and examines the world of Petrels and Storm-Petrels, whose largely nocturnal and pelagic lifestyles mean they remain poorly known to most of us. Through the medium of sound, relationships between birds and between species can be analysed and advanced, and, this being a Sound Approach book, listened to as well. And through a superb series of illustrations, they can also be visualised.

In short, this outstanding work is almost impossible to fault. The highly readable narrative style and evocative scene-setting of such locations as the Salvages and the Island of Chibaldo, South Korea, together with interpretation of the recordings and sonograms, makes it a truly unique work and deserving winner of the title Birdwatch Bird Book of the Year 2008.

This is only the second title in the Sound Approach series. The first, Sound Approach to birding, won our annual award for 2006. That kind of success rate is unrivalled in this film – congratulations to Magnus Robb, Killian Mullarney and Mark Constantine and his Sound Approach team. We look forward eagerly to the next instalment”

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