Sound Approach Win The BTO Marsh Award for Innovative Ornithology

  BTO Press Release – 4th November 2015   The Sound Approach has been awarded the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) Marsh Award for innovative Ornithology. The award has been presented to the team for their valuable contribution to ornithology. The Sound Approach are famous for their groundbreaking and innovative approach, using books with CDs, … Continued

Unravelling the mystery of the Omani Owl

  Discovered in 2013 by Magnus Robb and the Sound Approach and confirmed using sound analysis, Omani Owl has created a stir among both birders and biologists. That a bird around the size of a Barn Owl Tyto alba had evaded discovery was extraordinary. That it was described and named only using sound recordings and photographs … Continued

Magnus Interview For Talking Naturally – 04/06/15

After the Cheltenham Science Festival Magnus and host of the newly revived ‘Talking Naturally’ podcast, Charlie Moores found a quiet(ish) corner to discuss all things Sound Approach. Listen to the interview here…….

Magnus Takes On Cheltenham – 04/06/15

In April 2015 we launched our fifth title Undiscovered owls, a Sound Approach guide to the owls of the Western Palearctic. The book had already caused quite a stir with the discovery and re-discovery of several new owls as well as introducing the concept of splitting some well-known and familiar owl species. During the launch … Continued


This week, on April 23rd, our new Sound Approach title Undiscovered owls will be released in the UK. As part of the launch build up we’ll be starting a Twitter Trail, where we’ll be hosting our launch competition whilst providing you with exclusive photos and content on our website leading up to the big day. … Continued

Undiscovered owls launch – Day 3

Things that went bump in the night – a few recordings not included in Undiscovered owls   The Sound Approach to meteors Once I was trying to record autumn calls of Short-eared Owl Asio flammeus on Berlenga, when I noticed a brilliant meteor crossing the eastern sky, the brightest I had ever seen. About four minutes … Continued

Undiscovered owls launch – Day 2

A few of Magnus’s favourite recordings from Undiscovered owls Choosing my favourite recordings from the book is surprisingly tough. In the end I settled on four, which are all my own. This is not because I consider my recordings superior to anyone else’s, but simply because having been there, they mean much more to me. … Continued

Undiscovered owls launch – Day 1

Magnus introduces Undiscovered owls illustrator Håkan Delin The first I remember hearing about Håkan Delin was Mark and Killian haggling over his artwork. When OUP offered the original artwork of BWP (The birds of the Western Palearctic, Cramp 1985) for sale, Killian advised Mark to snap up any owl plates he could get. These had … Continued

Undiscovered owls launched at Dutch Birding day

The dust has now settled after a very busy week and the launch of our new Sound Approach title Undiscovered owls. Our journey begun at Arnouds’ house where the first 200 books were delivered exclusively for the event. The whole team was present, and in turn we each dived into one of the boxes and … Continued

Magnus Robb and the Sound Approach launch new ‘Undiscovered owls’ title at the prestigious Dutch Birding Day

 PRE-PURCHASE NEW SOUND APPROACH TITLE ‘UNDISCOVERED OWLS’ NOW           On March 21st the Sound Approach’s very own Magnus Robb will be presenting and launching his new groundbreaking title ‘Undiscovered owls’ at the Dutch Birding day in Holland. Our new title breaks all current Sound Approach records with 327 beautiful digital sound recordings … Continued