The Sound Approach to Birding

Bring bird sound to life with The Sound Approach’s pioneering title “The Sound Approach
to Birding”. Author Mark Constantine invites you on a journey combining anecdotes,
scientific theory and practical field experience.
Our aim is to give you a step-by-step guide through tone, pitch, rhythm, reading
sonagrams, acoustics, and using sounds to understand this beautifully unknown world.


The latest Sound Approach title, Catching The Bug by Mark Constantine and Nick Hopper
is available now!
Head to our reviews section to have a read and see what everyone has to say about this
ground breaking new title.

Petrels Night & Day

This is a comprehensive exploration of the petrels of Europe and North Africa.
You can listen to previously unpublished digital stereo recordings of 23 species of
petrels nesting on islets, islands and coasts of the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

Birding From The Hip

Birding From the Hip is a collection of forthright, entertaining and gloriously funny stories
describing an obsessive Irish birder’s view of life. Anthony McGeehan has been writing
incorrigible tales about birdwatching for more than twenty years and this is his first book.